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Benefice community newsletter for Falfield, Tortworth, Tytherington, Rockhampton and Tortworth..




News items should be sent to Kay Rea, The Bungalow, Moorslade, Falfield, GL12 8DJ   Tel. 01454 260364 Email: kay Rea

NB If you are posting copy, please mark the envelope ‘5 Alive’

Copy date is strictly before midnight on the 19th of each month, please, ready for typing on the 20th.   The earlier we receive material the better, as it avoids the rush and lessens the risk of error.

If at all possible, please submit your material by e-mail (attachments should be in Word or Publisher format).  here is then no need for re-typing, which not only saves time but also means there is less chance for inaccuracies to creep in.  (We do, however, reserve the right of the editor to edit, and you may find that small changes are made for the sake of space etc)   If you want to submit an advertising poster or similar, it helps if it’s in black and white, as it reproduces more clearly.  

Charities wishing to advertise events should quote their charity number.

There is a 10% discount for advertisers paying for a year’s advertising in advance and 5% for those advertising 6 months in advance

Cheque’s should be made out to ‘Benefice Newsletter’ and sent to Kay Rea at the address above.

Funding: This newsletter is funded entirely from advertising and generous donations received from readers and organisations within the benefice.  It is produced and distributed by volunteers.  If you feel that you would like to make a contribution, we should be most grateful.

Cheque’s may be sent to Geoff Crosthwaite, The Barn, Townwell, Cromhall, W-U-E, GL12 8AQ or the editor.  Please remember to make them out to Benefice Newsletter.

Please contact Geoff if you would like to set up a standing order. Please remember to make them out to ‘Benefice Newsletter’.

NB Out of consideration for those who collate and deliver your magazine, we normally deliver with 5 Alive only very occasional material which originates with the magazine’s producers/editors.  Anyone else wishing to circulate their material is invited to do so by the normal methods: i.e. either through editorial material submitted to 5 Alive, or through an advert, for which charges are listed

Page SizeBusiness RateRates for businesses within the Benefice
Half Page£28.00£18.00
Quarter Page£18.00£15.00
Eigth Page£10.00£8.00


 In Falfield magazines are delivered by volunteers. Normally magazines are received from the printers towards the end of the preceeding month at one central point. They are then collated ready for individuals to deliver within their area in the parish. In the event you do not receive your magazine within the first week of the month this may be due to magazines being received late from the printers and/or  individual distributors circumstances.

There are also a number of spare copies available in  St George’s Church which is open daily between the hours of approx 9 am amd 4 pm